Computer Service

Here at ITechChris, we offer several different services for your Desktops & Laptops, whether at your home or business.

Computer Maintenance

If your computer is running slow, unresponsive you keep continually crashing at random intervals during the day, it may be time for your computer to receive some love and attention. Many people believe the machine has reached its end of life, but in many cases, a quick clean and the system will be running like new.

During our computer maintenance program, we will carry out the following tasks:

  • Hardware Error Checks
  • Virus, Malware & Spyware Checks
  • System Cleanup
  • Internal Clean of fans etc.

If you are looking to have your computer maintained, we offer a few different packages as per the below:


If you are looking to get your personal or business device serviced as a single event following on from having trouble with the device, then we are happy to either visit your home or place of work to conduct the work. Alternatively, we can collect your device and return it to you once the work has been completed.


Monthly Agreement

We recommend having your computer serviced at least every quarter to ensure your system remains running smoothly and to avoid those annoying crashes when you are busy working away and don’t need the hassle of lost data due to a system crash!

As technology is becoming more relevant in our day to day lives, you may have more than one machine at home or in your office that needs servicing. Due to this, we offer a single price for the first device, and any additional device will be a small additional cost.

With our Monthly Agreement, we will set up a monthly payment plan and arrange for our engineers to contact you each quarter when your machine is due to be serviced, so you don’t have to remember when it is due. This is a 30-day rolling contract and can be cancelled with 30 days notice.

Initial Device
Additional Devices

Yearly Agreement

The Yearly Agreement gives you the same benefits as a Monthly Agreement does; however, the contract terms are over 12 months instead of a 30-day rolling contract. Any yearly agreement can be cancelled with 90 days notice.

Initial Device
Additional Devices

Computer Repair

We always recommend a 5-year life span on all technology due to the ever-changing and progressing environment it is; however, for home users, this may be stretched further than that of a business. If your laptop or desktop has stopped working suddenly and you cannot access your personal data and photos, this can be a nightmare. However, here at ITechChris, we are driven to getting things back on track for you. We offer a no fix no fee policy, so if we cannot repair your device, we will return it at no charge to you.

If the device is old and unrepairable, we will offer to attempt to recover any data from the machine we can; again, if no data is recoverable, we will not charge you for trying.

Data Recovery

Computer Services - Data Recovery - HDD

Data Recovery is never 100% guaranteed; there is a lot that can cause a recovery to fail. For this reason, we will never charge you for attempting recovery only if we are successful at recovering your data.


Computer Repair

If you require a repair on your computer, we will first assess the damage and report whether it is repairable and also the cost for the repair; there is no charge for the initial investigation. If the diagnosis of your machine requires further in-depth troubleshooting, there will be a small surcharge for the engineering time required.

All of our quotes for repairs will include engineering time as well as any parts that are required. We bill engineering time based on 15-minute increments.

In-Depth Troubleshooting
Engineering Hourly Rate

If ComputerServices is not what you are looking for, please visit our services page to review the other things we offer. Alternatively, you can reach out to us using our contact form for any questions you may have.

All prices are subject to change